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If you are looking to purchase a boat this year, don’t feel restricted by the location of the vessel, whether it’s in the Caribbean, the US or on the other side of Canada.

If it’s the right boat for you, the North South Nautical Group brokers are fully equipped and prepared to act as your ‘Buyers Agent’. But, negotiating with the vendor’s broker is just ONE of the services we manage for every buyer.

When you purchase a boat with NSNG you can expect a full-service experience including negotiating the deal, interpreting the survey, secure handling of the funds and the completion of all the necessary paperwork.

We can also arrange for the delivery of your yacht by land or water.

If you are considering a water delivery, NSNG offers in-house delivery services. Mike Burns, President of NSNG, is a licensed and experienced Captain with years of delivery experience across several different waterways including: the Great Loop, the ICW and the Caribbean.

With the NSNG delivery team you know who is managing your vessel and can even follow the delivery virtually.

When not traversing locks, the Formula 48 cruised comfortably at 21 knots.

In the summer of 2021 – Mike and NSNG yacht broker Iryna Granich delivered a Formula 48 from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to Toronto, ON Canada. Roughly 500 miles with 30 locks, it was a whirlwind 5-day ride with great scenery and interesting weather! They chronicled the adventures online!

Leaving mid-morning, they spent the first day cruising up the Hudson River at 21 knots passing Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. They covered off 150 miles landing just south of Albany, New York.

Day two saw them start at the Erie Barge Canal clearing 11 locks and plowing through ‘one heck of a thunderstorm’ declared Captain Mike.

NSNG Yacht Broker Iryna Granich was part of the delivery crew.



Right on schedule, the crew spent day three clearing 8 more locks, each with its own weather system. Morning was thick fog, afternoon was hot and muggy – the finale in Utica, featured severe thunderstorms.

“We passed through my favourite section of the canal through the Adirondack Mountains. The canal is actually cut out in the side of the hills and you can look down onto a town in one section” posted Mike in his online log.

The five-day trip was 500 miles through different canal systems and 30 locks!



On Day 4, the crew set their sites on Lake Ontario but not before three locks and a nice run down Lake Oneida on the Erie Barge Canal followed by 7 more locks on the Oswego Canal.

“The lock crews even stayed a bit lake to make sure we made it all the way through! Lake Ontario looked a bit too rough to run (comfortably) tonight, so settled in for one more night. Only 130 miles to go!” Mike posted.

The yacht was delivered on the fifth day after a long run down Lake Ontario fighting a stiff easterly breeze all the way. The crew arrived in Port Credit prepped and ready for customs clearance!

In the end is was an exhilarating run with great crew and a great memories!

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