Mike Burns Chats About Boat Pricing

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Mike Burns, President of North South Yacht Sales shown here with Erik Kyle, publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt at the 2015 Toronto Boat Show talks about finding the right boat and the right fit for each customer.

On the question of boat pricing, Mike explained that the market has corrected itself and particularly for the last two years prices have been pretty stable. North South Yacht Sales anticipates more US boaters venturing to Canada to take advantage on the currency exchange.

If you are interested in bringing a boat across the border, the CPYB brokers at North South Yacht Sales, are experienced at facilitating international transactions. Whether you are looking to import or export a vessel between Canada and the US, we are able to assist with the logistics of getting your newly acquired vessel to it’s destination from completed paperwork to vessel transport.

Learn more our international services and the North South Nautical Group Advantage.